Accessories are an essential part of your

Two Way Radio Communications


Maybe by adding an external speaker to your two way radio for improved audio.

or maybe by adding a vehicle charger to charge your portable radio in your vehicle.

Accessories for your communication equipment makes life a little easier.

West Radio Communications, as a supplier of the major manufacturers in Two Way Radio and Satellite equipment accessories

As a result we can provide the latest in Accessories to enhance your experience with your Two Way Radio Equipment or Satellite equipment

From Antennas, Audio, Charging, Carrying, and mounting options,

Finally, West Radio Communications is your complete Two Way Radio and Satellite supplier.

GME_Antenna_Brochure       ORI0120 Oricom UHF Brochure

Microphone Options

Microphone – MC005

ZCG Connectors and Adapters       ZCG Broadcast Antennas       ZCG Antenna Mounting       ZCG Portable Radio Antennas

ZCG Marine Antennas       ZCG Data Link Antennas       ZCG Coaxial Cable and Fittings       ZCG Cellular Mobile Phone Antennas

Charging Options

12v Vehicle Charger – BCV005

 ZCG CB Radio Antennas       ZCG RF Hardware       ZCG Mobile Antennas       ZCG Base Station Antennas       ZCG Air Band Antennas

Vehicle Wireless Racing Audio and Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone       CRS Hand Held Microphones and Two Way Radio GPS

 CRS Throat and Head Sets       CRS Surveillance       CRS Duplex       CRS Chargers and Batteries

CRS Carry Cases       CRS-Earpieces       CRS Adaptors Connectors and Aerials

Audio Accessories

SPK07 – Speaker